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Cairo, Egypt
400 square meters

SAIB wanted to make a statement with their new headquarters, and create an edge to their identity. So, since the world is constantly developing in a technological manner, we decided to put them at the top of the chart. 

Usually, when entering a bank, the functions are on the side and the waiting room is at the center. We decided to switch it up and set the functions offices in the center and we set up the waiting rooms on the side. This created a flow around the bank as people were no longer cramped in one area.

By creating a different flow, the bank developed a different structure to suit this function. The unlimited waiting area revolving around the bank’s functioning offices, created a more dynamic look and feel, resembling a cloud that carries and transfers information quickly. The electric colors and the LED lights symbolized the speed of the Bank’s operating system and gave the customers the freedom they would not find in a waiting room. Since customers hate waiting in the waiting rooms in a static atmosphere, we decided to remove this experience by removing the waiting room and making their experience much more dynamic and entertaining.

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