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This project was designed as Etisalat’s New headquarters. Etisalat wanted to make a statement  on its power over the market which is why they wanted to build it on 9,000 meters squared of their 12,000 meters squared land in Smart Village. Therefore we designed a plan which helped Etisalat make that statement with a backup option if all else fails.

Serry Design 2010_Page_242.jpg

We built the three buildings on the 9000 meters, but to use up the entire land we left space between each building to integrate nature within the design. Thereby, surrounding each building with sunlight and decreasing their electricity running costs. The spine creates a shadow on the buildings as well, thus decreasing their need for air conditioners. We also used the water around the building in a recycled manner to decrease the AC costs.

Our plan was to build three buildings on this land instead of one. Each building with a work space, free of any external facilities. The main spine connecting all three buildings will include all types of facilities. From this spine we will compose three bridges, and each bridge will hold the meeting rooms. By doing so, we’ve segregated the building, giving each part of it a specific function.

Serry Design 2010_Page_240.jpg

Now the spine was an integral factor to this design, as it holds all three buildings under one umbrella. This was important for their statement if all else fails. As if Etisalat hits a rough patch and isn't able to occupy all three buildings they can simply rent it out and it will still be under Etisalat’s umbrella spine and thus if they experience a downfall in the market their image will still be preserved. Finally, we added their golf ball identity symbol in front of the building as a mark for Etisalat.


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