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The concept of a mall is always set in a large scale. People are always going to the “biggest” mall, while their needs don't need the large scale to be satisfied. Everyone has the same needs. People need a grocery store, a clinic, a supermarket, a gym and several other outlets for their daily life.

02 Elite Mall 2 B.jpg

People are lazy, they won't go to a large mall 5 km away to buy their groceries, they want something next to their house. This is where elite square mall comes in. It gives you all the needs you require on a daily basis in a practical and efficient style.

To obtain these things, they shouldn’t be taking a trip to the nearest largest mall. They should have something small and convenient custom made to their neighborhood. This is where Elite square mall comes in.

03 Elite Mall 2 B.jpg
01 Elite Mall 2 B.jpg

When we drew out its plan and set it up for sale, we sold the shops inside right away, because it plays on the need of the consumers. The places Elite square mall will open more branches in, are the places with no services within walking distance.


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