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We have conducted and developed 1000+ projects across Egypt. CIB has been one of our valued clients since 2006. We constructed a unified design manual for all their branches.


Derived from Islamic Architecture: The bay in a mosque is the place where a person can get the most sunlight, wind, and shade with a great view. So we decided to place this entire building inside the bay. With the bay, we fixed the building’s disorientation, increased its exposure to sunlight and increased the wind flow around the building. The bay wasn’t just decorative, it was also functional in a sustainable way. The increased wind flow lowered the AC costs, the higher exposure to sunlight made us able to use solar panels as its main source of energy and the water waste is used to water the greenery around the building. So by making this building sustained from the environment, we’ve almost eliminated any future maintenance costs.

This Building was designed as CIB’s new Headquarters, focusing on the needs of the employees by incorporating technology with green spaces to create a productive environment. It was designed to derive its strength from the elements of the environment.


We designed and supervised three of their headquarters, 80 branches for CIB Wealth, 70 branches for CIB and 169 facelifts all over cairo.


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