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Cairo Festival city wanted to create a small compound for people to live in, made up of 12 buildings. The challenge to this project was to create a peaceful place, where people would want to live in, within a ‘festival’ city.

CFC mosque (1)_Page_09_Image_0001.jpg

We also added a spectrum of light across the 12 buildings where each building got its own colored identity, each building symbolizing one color from the spectrum. Between those buildings there’s a library, cafe, study rooms, play areas and a color coded track, leading to each one of the apartments. We used color coding to eliminate the possibilities of children getting lost or people getting confused.

We set up the buildings in a circular platform, like a clock, with a green landscape between them, in the inner circle. The green landscape is designed to hold the services the residents will need on a daily basis, along with a play area and a peaceful view. Setting up the buildings in a circular structure, created a peaceful view for every apartment inside every building. We set up the buildings according to the sun’s movement and placed the 12 buildings in the clock’s layout.

CFC mosque (1)_Page_12_Image_0001.jpg
CFC mosque (1)_Page_18_Image_0001.jpg

 As we were designing the buildings we decided to eliminate a few problems. Usually the entrance of the building and the sides of the buildings are left neglected, always dark and full of garbage. So to fix this problem, we made each alley between each building, into the entrance of each building with two elevators and stairs on the side. Having the elevators and stairs on the side of the building, eliminated useless corridors and by doing so reduced the wasted space in the building from 15% to 3%. Finally, we designed the sides of the buildings according to the sun’s movement, which made every alley unique in its own way. This created a dynamic look and feel to the place.


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