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The building was designed as Blom Bank’s new headquarters. The design was formulated to integrate space in the building and by doing so we added life in the building and respected the environment by incorporating the intangible within a tangible structure.


On top of that we made the executive floor parallel to the road, creating a terrace the employees can use on their breaks.

The building was not designed to be built as a solid block. It was built by overlapping floors on top of each other in a perpendicular manner based on their function. The first two floors were parallel to the road, but the next six floors used for the office were perpendicular to the road to create a better view for the employees.


We used the space available to build on, in a way that made the building look bigger and more functional. Just as the balloon is inflated with air, Blom bank was enlarged with the negative space we added within it.


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