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Cairo, Egypt


We’ve been collaborating with Beanos from the start. We started by creating its identity’s look and feel as it launched its way into the market, as one of the first local coffee shops in Egypt. It was important to create a strong identity look and feel to compete with international coffee brands like Starbucks, that were just entering Egypt at the time. 


After the logo and brand name were established, we designed a few branches for Beanos. One of the branches was in zamalek, which showcased the identity in a bold manner, unlike the branch in El Korba. Out of respect for the history and style of the el Korba, when designing beanos in this neighborhood, we designed the place the way an architect a 100 years ago would design it. We added Beano's identity as an accessory to the place in a shy manner. We matched beanos modern identity with the historical identity of El Korba.

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