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ai Bank


Cairo, Egypt

AIBK is a very old-fashioned bank, owned by the government. Its image did not match the new generations, so we decided to transform it into something modern that would appeal to the Y-generation.

To bring them closer to the Y-generation, we had to give the bank a light and fresh look and feel. To do so we started integrating the bank into the environment, adding life to its light green brand color, and little by little we started simplifying ‘AIBK’ to ‘ai’.

AIBK’s old headquarters in Downtown was symbolic of a dead tree. There was no strong color and all they had was a pattern made up of triangles. So we decided to take that triangle and turn it into a leaf, and integrate the living attributes of the environment within the new headquarters. We added green walls and natural walls to the place, and by doing so created a new face to AIBK, that would attract the Y generation alongside all other generations.

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